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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A wave of interesting Ad revenue websites

I'm sure by now everyone has seen or heard about the "Million Dollar Homepage." It was a great idea and the creator literally made a million bucks. It has spawned a slew of pixel sale and other similar websites.

Of course, websites have always sold advertising space. But this is a step further. These sites springing up are basically online Landromat Community Bulletin Boards. You know, the place where people post their business cards, car sales flyer, Avon catalogs,etc. These high revenue generating sites are one big co-op ad. The pixel sites show a grahic image that links to the advertisers sites. Other gimmick sites, like the Unemployed Loser, offer frontpage text links to anyone who Paypals 50 cents.

While the sites are low on content, they are big on Buzz and linkage from blogs and message boards. As we all know by now a few well placed links or posts on popular blogs result in viral marketing that can translate into huge traffic. The Million Dollar Homepage even received mainstream media coverage, resulting in huge traffic.

Is it worth advertising on these sites? At this time it's hard to say. It's unlikely to result in a huge amount of direct traffic. However, it can add a permanent one-way link. That can be valuable depending on the quality and rank of the site.

In addition to the wave of pixel ad sites, even the low-rent Unemployed Loser has spawned copycats. For example The Unemployed Winners.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Great Cell Phone Deals

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Right now, one of our friends, Mueller Deals, has the best deal we can find
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